Payday Loans
Leo Gordon

  1. Rod Cameron, The Bounty Killer,  1964.    During the Gunsmoke pilot, tough actor (and ex-con) Leo Gordon told director Charles Marquis Warren about an idea for an episode. “Don’t tell me, write it!” Leo went home “and next thing I knew I had 110 pages” of Black Patch and George Montgomery snapped it up. Leo played the heavy. What else ? “I look like a heavy. I’m 6' 2", 200 pounds,  craggy-ass face.” From then on, Leo  was well known for disappearing between scenes. Back to his typewriter, knocking out other scripts on his portable  typewriter.  This one was designed for Mickey Rooney but veteran director Spencer Gordon Bennet and his wife respun it for Dan Duyrea  (and son Peter).  Plus, as if Bennet knew it was his final  gig,  a gallery  of B heroes: Richard Arlen, Johnny Mack Brown,  Buster Crabbe and,  also in his last hurrah, as The Man in the Cantina - Hollywood’s first cowboy star, GM “Bronco Billy” Anderson.  Nothing for Leo.  Except the cheque.

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