Payday Loans
Helmut Griem (1932-2004)

  1. Jon Voight, The Odessa File, 1973.     According to the book Soon to be A Major Motion Picture, the handsome German star had the male lead sewn up at one stage.  He was best known at the time for Cabaret and two Visconti  films:  The Damned and Ludwig.
  2. Klaus Löwitsch, Rosebud, 1974.  One German star for another when Griem didn’t fancy the script - the penultimate project of  producer-director-ogre Otto Preminger. His temper was as foul as ever. One of the authors of the original novel was Joan Hemingway - Papa’s daughter.
  3. Christopher Cazenove, Royal Flash,1974.   The handsome German star was in  the Eric Hansen mix for Dick Lester’s  film of the second Flashmanbook George MacDonald Fraser. He hated it so much he banned all other  versions of his 12 book-series in his lifetime.
  4. Jurgen Andersen, The Riddle of the Sands, 1979.     Bad memories of the son of York?  The  German actor refused the UK film - headlined by Michael York as the decadent Maximilian. Griem had  trysted with York and Liza Minnelli in  Cabaret, 1972. And so,  the  Hamburger passed Kaiser Wilhelm II  to a Berliner
  5. Michael Gothard, Lifeforce, 1984.


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