Payday Loans
Edward Arnold (1890-1956)

  1. Adolph Menjou, Easy LIving, 1937.  Is there a doctor on the set?  First Menjou had to withdraw due to ill-health. Then, director Mitchell Leisen required surgery. But eventually Preston Sturgess’ first Paramount gig got moving – owing much more to the great Sturgess script than Vera Caspary’s story.
  2. Akim Tamiroff, For Whom The Bell Tolls, 1943.    Arnold was among the veritable A List  for important  support roles: Wallace Beery, Lee J Cobb, Albert Dekker, Charles Laughton, Thomas Mitchell and Edward G Robinson.  Plus two graduates  of Vienna's Academy of Music and  Dramatic Arts: Oscar Homolka and Fritz Kortner - and the Spanish-born opera singer-playwright-novelist-composer Fortunio Bonanova. 
  3. Walter Huston, Dragon Seed, 1943.       Insulting! Pearl Buck’s book had a point - exposing Japanese atrocities in China.  MGM made it a farce, with the unlikeliest-looking Chinese ever spawned by Hollywood… And  could only think of their usual paterfamilias for Ling Tan. Except Arnold, Donald Crisp, Frank Morgan and Walter Pidgeon  failed their Eurasian make-up tests.  Huston looked about as Chinese at as his daughter. Katharine  Hepburn.
  4. Lionel Barrymore, It’s A Wonderful Life, 1946. 
  5. Chester Morris, The She-Creature, 1956.   The veteran  Arnold died when due to be the diabolical hypnotist Dr Lombardi, so co-stars  Peter Lorre and Mike Connors simply fled . Morris  took over, opposite the lousily cast Tom Conway and Lance Fuller. Result: Another  Edward L Cahn Z-movie giving  schlock a bad name. 

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