Payday Loans
Faye Emerson (1917-1983)

  1. Kaaren Verne, Kings Row, 1941.   The chic Louisianan lost her chance to co-star with the future, 40th US president Ronald Reagan. She still got into the White House…  Three years after this slice of  Peyton Place (16 years before Peyton Place!) she wed Elliott Roosevelt, fourth child of FDR, the 32nd US prez, Franklin D Roosevelt.
  2. Jacqueline De Witt, Saratoga Trunk, 1943.    With the film 20 days behind schedule, the role of Miss Fromont was put back in.   But who should play her?   Hal Wallis wanted contract actress Emerson -   director Sam Wood   insisted on Maureen O'Hara.   They both compromised. Finally, the Gary Cooper film was not released until 1946.
  3. Marjorie Riordan, Mr Skeffington, 1943.     Emerson and Jean Sullivan passed the difficult task of playing a young Bette Davis to Riordan. After ten unsatisfying films, she quit acting for clinical psychology.
  4. Joan Leslie, Cinderella Jones, 1945.     Faye and Jane Wyman were on the Warner Bros list for Judy Jones, a surprise heiress to a fortune. If (there has to be an if!) she obeys the will’s marriage deadline clause.  Robert Alda and William Prince were eager to comply. 

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