Payday Loans
Vince Edwards (1928-1996)

  1. John Derek, The Ten Commandments, 1954.  
  2. Omar Sharif, Funny Girl, 1968. Lucky escape for TV’s Ben Casey, 1961-66. (Likewise for   Sydney Chaplin, Terence Cooper, Tony Curtis).   As Roger Ebert saw it:   “There has rarely been a more wooden male performance in a musical.”
  3. Bruce Dern, The Cowboys, 1972.   “Because I’m the only actor who ever killed John Wayne in a picture,” said Bruce, “producers have pegged   me for a villain.   I’d worked with him before, a little role in The War Wagon.   He didn’t OK me then -   too small a part for him to worry about.   But he was   concerned about the guy who was the first to nail   him, you know. Another actor [TV's former Ben Casey]   almost played the role. I think Wayne intervened a little bit for me.”


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