Payday Loans
Caroline Appéré

  1. Thuy An Luu, Diva, France, 1980.   Because she was jeune et jolie (young and pretty), the stage actress won roles in funny and stupid comedies. She also lost some film roles, she  told Nicolas Rioult in 2021.  “In 1980, I was acting at the Petit Odéon theatre and there was a guy who waited for me at the exit. He asked if I wantedto make a film.  I said yes and I found myself in the home of this nice man in his robe to take pictures! He was ready to give me the role, when I received a very kind letter telling me that he was sorry, but that he had fallen in love with another actress. That was Jean-Jacques Beinex,,,  I tore up the letter in rage! Mais, c’est la vie!”

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