Payday Loans
Martin Kove

  1. Vincent Cassel,. Blueberry (US: Renegade), France-Mexico-UK , 2002. Yvan Chiffre,  one of Alain Delon’s stunt-doubles  turned realisateur,  prepared his take of the Western hero  co-created by Jean-Michel Charlier, aka Gif, aka Moebius,  before auteur Jan Kounen made a pretentious mess of it in 2002 – not released until 2004. Chiffre selected the American Kova because of his resemblance to Mike Blueberry.  Kounen tried for Williem Dafoe, Benicio Del-Toro or Val Kilmer before settling for the French Cassel. He did not resemble Blueberry. Nor did the film. Indeed, the  Charlier Estate  found the changes (especially the shamanism) so appalling that it requested his  name to be removed from the credits.

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