Payday Loans
Aldo Maccione

  1. Henri Guybet, On a retrouvé la 7ème compagnie!  France, 1974.  Change of Private Tassin in the first sequel to the equally dumb Mais où est donc passée la 7ème compagnie of 1973.  In short, Now Where Did the 7th Company Get To? followed by The 7th Company Has Been Found.  Or, in shorter, a French Carry On Sergeant - with Pierre Mondy’s Sergeant Chaudard surviving to a (yawn)  third outing,  La 7ème compagnie au clair de lune (The 7th Company Outdoors). You can always tell when it’s summer in France - all the 7ème compagnie films are on TV!  Although why there was an Italian comic like Also in the French Army was never explained...

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