Payday Loans
David Rappaport (1951-1990)

  1. Saul Rubinek, Star Trek The Next Generation #70: The Most Toys,TV, 1990.   (Stardate 43872.2)    Tragic… Rappaport had been playing Zibalian  toy-maker Kivas Fajo for a few days when he attempted suicide. Director Timothy Bond stated: “There was a story going around that they had found him in his car with a tube running from the exhaust.” Bond re-shot everything, although Rubinek was not a 1.19 m dwarf. Rappaport’s depression continued and he shot himself two months later, May 2, 1990,  five days before “his” epsiode was aired.  (He is seen as Fajo on the TNG Season 3 Blu-ray).  The death of Rappaport and Jack Purvis (1937-1997) was the reason why Terry Gilliam abandoned plans for any sequel to their greatest trimph, Time Bandits, 1981.

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