Payday Loans
Ely Galleani

  1. Isabelle De Funès, Baba Yaga (UK: The Devil Witch, US: Baba Yaga, Devil Witch), Italy-France, 1973.    Director Corrado Farina wanted Elsa Martinelli (“maybe ten years younger!”). But Valentina was selected on non-artistic merit - for co-productions reasons. reported director Corrado Farina. French Isabelle De Funès (niece of the over-rated French stutter-mutter-nutter comic Louis De Funès) “was chosen from a photo - which didn’t resemble the Isabelle I met at the airport. But with make-up and Valentina’s wig - and Isabelle being a very good actress - I decided she was better than Italian Stefania Casini.” A third test of Ely Galleani as the erotic heroine of the Guido Crepax cartoon book, was catastrophic. But due to her “physical aspect,” she was unanimously elected as Annette, a dominatrix-cum-killer doll. “I asked her agent if she’d do nudity… ‘You won’t be able to stop-her’!” As proved in Sixteen, Under The Sheets, Naked Massacre and two  Emanuelle films (but not Emmanuelle films) during a short career  or 26 screen roles - none since 1978. 

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