Payday Loans
Richard Mulligan (1932-2000)

  1. Donald Moffat, The Thing, 1981.    The British Moffat, Mulligan, Powers Booth, Kevin Conway, Jerry Orbach and Lee Van Cleef all read for Garry in John Carpenter’s unwanted re-hash of the (so-so) 1950 original.
  2. David Clennon, The Thing, 1981.    Trouble with  Mulligan, of course,  was that he was  far too well known as Burt in Soap, 1977-1981.
  3. Earl Boen,  Star Trek The Next Generation #28: Where Silence Has Lease, TV, 1988.   (Stardate  42193.6). Co-Executive producer Maurice Hurley voted the Soap star (1977-1981) for the antagonist  named after him… Nagiluma reversed Mulligan in reverse, minus one L.  Mulligan’s solitaryTrekexperience was voicing Xenti in the 1993 video game, Star Trek: Judgment Rites

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