Payday Loans
Mylène Demongeot (1935-2022)

  1. Dany Carrel, Pot-Bouille (UK: The House of Lovers; US: Lovers of Paris), France-Italy, 1957.    Gérard Philipe, Danielle Darrieux, Anouk Aimée and…Well, realisateur Jean Duvivier wanted Demomngeot, his producers voted Carrel.
  2. Pascale Petit, Une vie (US: End Of Desire), France-Italy, 1957.    Having found his leading man at the movies (Christian Marquand in Sait-on jamais), Paris critic turned auteur Alexandre Astruc decided to check out his thoughts of Demongeot by seeing her Sorcieres de Salem. Tough luck, Mylène! He preferred PP in the same film. And after seeing her Astruc rushes, veteran realisateur Marcel Carné grabbed her for Les tricheurs.
  3. Brigitte Bardot, Le femme et le pantin, France-Spain, 1959.    The legendary Spanish director Luis Buñuel was due to make it. He wanted Mylène. The producer wanted BB. Adios, Don Luis!
  4. Nicole Calfan, Vielles canailles, France, TV, 2010.    Realisateurrasseur  Arnaud Sélignac had to shoot his tele-film twice after actor and stage director Mondy, 85, fell, broke his nose - and doctors found he had a lymphoid problem. Only Claude Brasseur remained in both versions of the three old-time crooks planning one last job.  Demongeot and Brasseur  were an aged couple on the three French Camping comedies, 2005-2015


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