Payday Loans
Dolores Del Rio (1904-1983)


  1. Bette Davis, Juarez, 1938.    Or Maximilian and Carlotta before Davis was suspended by Warners and the project was retooled, putting Paul Muni front centre as the titular Mexican revolutionary leader kicking the French out of his country. Brian Aherne as the emperor Maximilian did the impossible and stole a Muni vehicle. Davis was allowed back in as the unstable Empress Carlotta. After her naked swim in Bird of Paradise, 1931, Orson Welles said Dolores  was "the highest erotic ideal" for any red-blooded male. They made Journey Into Fear, 1942 - and that ended their affair.  
  2. Katy Juardo, Broken Lance1953.    Marlene Dietrich called her “the most beautiful woman in Hollywood.” But Del Rio’s comeback opposite Spencer Tracy after being off-screen for a  dozen years,  was thwarted by Washington - “pending investigation of her political affiliations.” (She worked in LA again from 1957).  Juardo was just six years older than her screen son, Robert Wagner  and netted her only Oscar nomination.    Del Rio was 26 years older than RJ - perfect, therefore, for Elvis Presley’s Indian mother in Flaming Star, 1959.
  3. Audrey Hepburn, Green Mansions, 1959.     RKO bought WH Hudson's novel   for a Del Rio-Jdel McCrea  follow-up to Bird of Paradise in 1932.   Paradise flopped,   Mansions was shelved.   By 1953, it wound up at MGM destined, first,   for Pier Angeli. Finally,   Mel Ferrer directed his wife in it. Badly.
  4. Angela Lansbury, Blue Hawaii, 1961.      Refused to mother Elvis - again. She had already been there and got the 1959 Flaming Star tee-shirt -  her first film since  1959. Angela went on to mothering Warren Beatty and smothering The Manchurian Candidate, 1962.


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