Payday Loans
Denis Quilley (1927-2003)

  1. Philip Latham, Doctor Who #129: The Five Doctors, TV, 1983.       Quilley, Latham and Leonard Sachs were in the fame for the nasty Borusa in in the 20th anniversary episode, stuffed full with Daleks, Cybermen, various travelling rugs and six Doctors. Richard Hurndall was Doc 1 William Hartnell also (seen for real in archive footage like the absent Doc4 Tom Baker), plus Docs 2, 3, 5: Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee and Peter Davison. “Wonderful chap, all of them,” as Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart would and did say.
  2. Richard Briers, Doctor Who #145: Paradise Towers, 1987.       A rare error by the 80s producer, John Nathan-Taylor. He was highly displeased by Briers’ performance. Quilley and TP McKenna could only have been better. During 74 screen roles (from Churchill’s People to The Two Ronnies), Quilley never Whoversed.

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