Payday Loans
David McCallum

  1. Dinsdale Landen, Doctor Who #154: The Curse of Fenric, TV, 1989.       McCallum, Edward Hardwicke and Martin Jarvis were also discussed for Dr Judson - based on the WWII code-breaker, Alan Turing (Benedict Cumberbatch in the 2014 film, The Imitation Game). Ian Briggs scripted Judson as gay as Turing, but Aunty over-ruled characters discussing their sexuality in a family hour show.
  2. Jim Byrnes, Highlander, TV, 1993-1998.     Not only did the actors’ names change  - from McCallum and Michael York to the unknown Byrnes from Sat Louis - so did the character from Ian to Joe Dawson. Hey, how many US Ians do ya know?McCallum, the one time Man From UNCLE, 1964-19687, was too busy with his great comeback - as the Chief NCIS Medical Officer in 354 episodes of NICS, during 1993-2018.  His Dr Donald Mallard was nicknamed “Ducky.”  What else? 

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