Payday Loans
Alexander D’Arcy (1908-1996)

1. - Nils Asther, Wild Orchids, 1929. Frankly, D'Arcy   was   a bad   joke, the worst caricature of Ze Great (Oily) French Loverrrr. Pristine hair, elegant Gable/Fairbanks/Flynn moustache - and, like Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich, never a hair out of place. All that was missing was even a leetle acting ability... No wonder Garbo preferred the Swede to the Egyptian-born Frenchman. D’Arcy   finally shared a scene with a superstar opposite Marilyn in How To Marry A Millionaire,   a mere 24 years later.  

2. - Rafael Storm,   Another Thin Man, 1939. Poor Storm, who replaced   D’Arcy’s gigolo in WS Van Dyke’s re-takes,   was uncredited   in the majority of his   his 76 films, 1930-45. D’Arcy ended up hunting up new French girls to tickle the rampant libido   of   his boss, Darryl Zanuck   - and appearing in   Russ Meyer crap.


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