Payday Loans
Ray Danton (1931-1992)

  1. Ralph Meeker, The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown, 1956.    Danton was Mike until Jane Russell’s husband Bob Waterfield (co-producing with her) saw the first days’ rushes. He said Danton was too young for Jane - meaning he made her look too old.  (He was ten years younger). Meeker moved in as Danton left with…  “laryngitis.” (So he couldn’t talk to the columns?).
  2. Robert Evans,  The Fiend Who Walked The West, 1957.      Surprisingly, the title did not haunt Evans, the future Paramount production  chief, as much as having played MGM's legendary production chief, Irving Thalberg, in Man Of A Thousand Faces, 1957.
  3. Stephen Boyd, Ben-Hur, 1958.    For Messala  in  the MGMighty $5m epic re-make, director William Wyler (of the original’s 1924 crew) first thought of Charlton Heston, the star of his previous movie, The Big Country. (He went on to win the title role, of course.  Wyler tested Danton, Leslie Nielsen and two Brits: Ronald Lewis and Bill Travers… saw Steve Cochran and Victor Mature… oh, and Robert Ryan, when Burt Lancaster was to be Judah Ben-Hur.
  4. Frederick Stafford, Furia à Bahia pour OSS 117 (US: OSS 117: Mission For A Killer), France-Italy, 1965.    Kerwin Matthews had become too expensive for French pockets after two OSS 117 films about Jean Bruce’s secret agent Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath. Réalisateur André Hunebelle (surprisingly aged at 68 for modern spy romps) looked over other Americans moonlighting in Europe - Lex Barker, Ken Clark, Richard Harrison, George Nader - and chose the wooden Frederick Stafford when Danton was a better actor and Sean Flynn better looking. Certainly, the Czech-born Stafford was the only OSS 117 to work for Hitchcock - proving just as wooden in Topaze, 1969. And to think, Hitch once thought John Gavin wooden in Psycho.


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