Payday Loans
Henry Daniell (1894-1963)

  1. John Barrymore, Romeo and Juliet, 1935.   Absolutely preposterous…!!  The 13-year-old Juliet was played by Norma Shearer, who was 36, opposite Leslie Howard playing Romeo…  at 43.  “It is comical watching these middle-aged folks act as high school sophomores,” said web critic Matthew M Foster at Foster on   Daniell wasn’t  laughing.  He lost two roles.  He’d been signed to play Paris…

  2. Richard Denny, Romeo and Juliet, 1935. … and was switched to Benvolio, then dropped (and replaced by Denny) because he could not handle a sword.  Four years on,  Daniell was "absolutely helpless" during his Sea Hawk duel with Errol Flynn.  Said unit manager Frank Mattison:  "His close-ups will be mostly from the elbows up.”  They looked and played much alike, but it was Basil Rathbone who was Hollywood’s master swordsman.

  3. Vincent Price,  Moss Rose, 1946.    As well as suggesting which movies’ streets could be utilised (from Cluny Brown, Hangover Square The Lodger), head Fox Darryl Zanuck nominated Daniel and Reginald Owen as the two cops, Inspector R. Clinner and Deputy Inspector. Neither made the movie.

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