Payday Loans
Eve March

  1. Joan Fontaine, The Constant Nymph, 1942.      Arriving for lunch at Romanoff’s, director Edmund Goulding stopped by Brian Aherne’s table to chat with his pal. (He had starred in the UK version in 1933). Goulding said it was impossible to find the lead girl. He’d tried March, Wendy Barrie, Bette Davis, Olivia De Havilland, Jennifer Jones, Joan Leslie, Merle Oberon, Margaret Sullivan. Head brother Jack Warner craved A Star. “She has to be consumptive, flat-chested, anemic, and 14!” “How about me?” said the the freckled miss sitting with Aherne. “Who are you?” asked Goulding, somehow not recognising his friend’s wife in a leather flight suit and pigtails (they had just flown into LA from their Indio ranch). “Joan Fontaine.” “You’re perfect!” She was 25. So what! She signed next day and called it “the happiest motion-picture assignment of my career.” Oscar nomination, included.
  2. Heather Angel, Lifeboat, 1943.      The entire 97 minutes takes place on a crowded lifeboat after a German U-boat sank a passenger ship during WWII. Only Alfred Hitchcock could pull it off! He tested March for the rescued Mrs Higley. The cast was dominated by a terrific Tallulah Bankhead comeback - her first feature rôle since Faithless, 1932. Now she was pantie-less - winning cheers from the crew as she climbed up a ladder to the water tank. Some co-stars complained to a famously flummoxed Hitch. “I don't know if this is a matter for the costume department, makeup, or hairdressing.”

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