Payday Loans
Rob Paulsen

  1. Chip Zien, Howard The Duck, 1985.      Everybody wanted to voice Marvel’s Howard T Duck… John Cusack, Jay Leno, Rob Paulsen, Martin Short, Robin Williams. And Detroit-born Paulsen, who had a staggering 434 voicing credits by 2016, from GI Joe in the 80s to (like Colman), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in 2014. Zien was not a voice-actor. Howard was the big deal production of the year… massive budget… George Lucas, Mr Star Wars, producing… his American Graffiti writers, writing. And. It. Bombed! Willard Huyck never directed again. And in need off cash for his Skywalker Ranch,   Lucas sold to Steve Jobs what became… Pixar!
  2. Dee Bradley Baker, American Dad!, TV, 2005-2020. John DiMaggio (no!), (everyone asks),  Rob Paulsen and Billy West tested  as the voice of Klaus… based on Peter Lorre.  Or Pepé Le Pew ,to start with as Klaus was François and French. But DBB told the producers at his audition that his German was way better than his French. “Can I try?” ”Sure!”  Et voila (or: siehe da), Klaus was German for all; 330 episodes.

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