Payday Loans

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Scott Eastwood

  1. Ed Westwick, J Edgar, 2011.   Three walk-ojs in Dad’s movies did not mean Scott couold just stroll into any role… He auditioned for Agent Smith in this biopic about FBI chieftain J Edgar Hoover - and wasn’t selected by Clint. Nor for American Sniper  , three years later. No matter, he was soon enough doing well enough - making his first 30 films in 12 years. That score took his father 20 year to achieve..

  2. Jamie Dornan, Fifty Shades of Grey, 2013.
    Mark Wahlberg tried to buy the porno novel.  Social networks were full of weird suggestions for the porn novel’s BDSM lover, Christian Grey. From Robert Pattinson, Matt Smith to Henry Cavill (well, S/M also stands for Superman) and Captain America Chris Evans (as if Marvel would allow that). None led to talks, auditions or tests.  Because the suits had eyes only for Ryan Gosling.  No way, said he. Most wise. Next target was Charlie Hunnam. He agreed and then suddenly quit because of his Sons of Anarchy, series (among other issues), and a second batch of front-runners were seen: Luke Bracey (the inevitable Aussie), Canadians Patrick J Adams and François Arnaud (well versed in jiggery-pokery as Cesare in The Borgias series), plus junior Eastwood, Theo James, Billy Magnussen - and Alexander Skarsgård, playing Tarzan by then with an Anastasia Steele hopeful, Margot Robbie.   (Hunnam had also been in the ape-man mix). The first group had been  Amell (he preferred Oliver Queen, aka DC’s Arrow, TV 2012-2016), ex-UK model David Gandy (who simply refused), two other Brits, Christian Cooke (from Love, Rosie with London model Suki Waterhouse up for Anastasia) and Dominic Cooper (perfect, surely!), plus Aussie Daniel McPherson - and Santa Monica’s Ryan Paevey actually auditioned.  As for the Belgian hunk, Matthias Schoenaerts - he fell asleep reading the scenario.    Oh, and author EL James vetoed any idea of of Dornan’s pal, Eddie Redmayne! They were all lucky to escape the turgid, totally un-erotic enterprise. Only 14 minutes and 17 seconds of sex, no orgasms - and pubes added digitally to actors’ genital patches!! And poor Dornan was a zero without his beard.

  3. Keir O’Donnell, American Sniper, 2014. For what proved his biggest box-office success (at 84!), director Clint Eastwood auditioned his son for the brother of Bradley Cooper’s Navy SEAL hero Chris Kyle. But after roles (often as Scott Reeves) in Eastwood’s Flags Of Our Fathers, 2006, Gran Torino, 2008, and Invictus, 2009, Scott had been flying solo in Diablo, Snowden and Suicide Squad, without his father’s aid. Just his name.
  4. Chris Pine, Wonder Woman, 2015.   On Warner shelves for a full decade (not helped by David Kelley’s disastrous 2011 TVersion), the demi-goddess daughter of Zeus finally joined the DC Extended Universe in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, 2015. For her film, four guys were up for her WWII lover Steve Trevor - Eastwood, Liam Hemsworth, Alexander Skarsgård… and Star Trek’s Captain Kirk reboot.
  5. Alden Ehrenreich, Solo: A Star Wars Story, 2017.   After Hollywood’s longest and most secret casting campaign since hunting Fifty Shades of Grey’s Christian, Ehrenreich was finally crowned Han Solo - despite everyone presuming it was a shoo-in for Chris Pratt. Between Guardians of this and Jurassic of that, he was there among the 25 contenders. But Ehrenreich had already surpassed Pratt as the great white hope following great work with Warren Beatty, the Coen brothers and Francis Coppola, since being found by Steven Spielberg in a bar mitzvah video! Ehrenreich is everything that Armie Hammer isn’t… Also trying to go Solo were the known: Scott Eastwood,  Taron Kingsman Egerton, Ansel Divergent Elgort,Tom (Draco Malfoy) Felton, Dave Franco, Logan Lerman, Rami Malek (he became TV’s Mr Robot cinema’s Freddie Mercury), Jack O’Connell, Hunter Parrish, Jack Reynor, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Miles Teller, Max Theriot, Ed Westwick. And the unknown: Emery Cohen, Colton Haynes, Leo Howard, actor-singer Blake Jenner, Landon Liboiron, Tony Oller, Chandler Riggs, Nick Robinson and Joshua Sasse. Phew!

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