Payday Loans
Frances Drake (1912-2000)

  1. Sally Blane, Angel’s Holiday, 1936. When Rochelle Hudson dropped Pauline to make She Had to Eat, Drake was asked to substitute before the role was given - paf! just like that! - to Blane. Drake’s name brings smiles to UK lips. Francis Drake is an historical UK hero rather like having an actress called Georgia Washington.

  2. Claudette Colbert, It’s A Wonderful World, 1938.    When he couldn’t get a too busy Myrna Loy, director Woody Van Dyke  next turned to Drake … before Colbert agreed to her first MGMovie. Drake was given Vivian Tarbel. “Claudette was delightful to me… James Stewart went to sleep on the set between takes.” (Eight years later, of course, Jim made… It’s A Wonderful Life).

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