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Idina Menzel

  1. Amy Poehler, Wet Hot American Summer, 2000.  The massive flop that became a comedy cult, not to mention two TV sequel series about summer camp in the 80s, had a rich cast of future stars. ”People like Bradley Cooper and Elizabeth Banks and Christopher Meloni walked in and auditioned off the street ,: recalled co-writer and director David Wain. Plus Ann Poehler and the only one to get on the poster, Paul Rudd - who’s still not exactly sure he was paid! “I know Idina Menzel auditioned… there are probably other ones that I don’t even remember.” According to Wain and co-writer Michael Showalter, their rejected titles included: American Wedgie, Bring a Change of Underwear, Damp Vagina Camp,  Morning Wood, Sex, Flies, and a Videotape of a Kid Masturbating, Slow Dance Boner and even Boners and Clits!  And yet, a dozen years later, Idina found herself up for the same role as... . Meryl Streep. 

  2. Mandy More, Tangled, 2009.    Menzel had been the sorceress Circe in the  TV Hercules, 1997, and Nancy in Enchanted.  But lost her third Disney call - for Tangled’s Rapunzel  (like her Frozen royal  sister, Kristen Bell). Bjt won thje biggie…  Idina’s Oscar-winning Frozen song, Let It Go, had been tailored-made for the Tony award-winner’s range - and broke various film-song (and toon-tune) records. She later recounted how her young son was telling his school mates how his Mom sang the Frozen songs. Only to be told (quite rightly) by another kid: “So does everyone else’s.”

  3. Meryl Streep, Into The Woods, 2013.

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