Payday Loans
Ann Rutherford (1917-2012)



  1. Peggy Moran, Seven Sweethearts, 1941.   Rutherford called MGM:  “Sorry, but I got the measles.” Studio chief LB Mayer called Rutherford: “You’re fired!” Moran called home: “Got another movie!” She was Albert. Her six sisters were Billie, Cornelius, George, Peter, Reggie and  Victor.  (Dad wanted sons). When she married  director Henry Koster, he promised Moran she’d be in all his films.  And she was.  A bust of her head was a prop in them all!
    irector  Henry Koster promised Moran she’d be in all his films.  And she was.  A bust of her head was a prop in them all! 
  2. Betty Grable, Coney Island, 1943.    As close to the real Coney as was the Eiffel Tower…  Carny operators Laird Cregar and Pat O’Brien plus showgirl Alice Faye were Fox-churned into George Montgomery, Cesar Romero and what Variety called “a 95-minute audition of Betty Grable’s chassis and legs - in color.”  She also made the 1949 re-hash, Wabash Avenue.
  3. Ann Blyth, Mildred Pierce, 1944.      Bonita Granville, Shirley Temple, Martha Vickers and Virginia Weidler  also tested for Veda, spoilt brat daughter of the titular Joan Crawford’s classic film noir. This was Blyth’s finest hour - she should have won an Oscar like Crawford. For her next 42 roles, Blyth simply played pretty and safe.
  4. Nancy Coleman, Mourning Becomes Electra, 1946.     In the frame  for Hazel Niles  - with Heather Angel, Evelyn Ankers, Frances Heflin, and Jacqueline White. The Canadian’s breakthrough at MGM was playing Mickey Rooney’s gal in the Andy Hardy franchise, 1937-1942. She wed the future Batman producer  Wiliam Dozier in 1953 until his 1991 death.
  5. Gloria Stuart, Titanic1996.

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