Payday Loans
Harris Yulin

  1. Sam Waterson, Interiors, 1977.   After a few days of readings and rehearsals at New York’s Stanhope Hotel, Yulin asked to leave and Sam came in. As he would do nine years year later for September, Woody’s next slice of anything-Ingmar-Bergman-can-do-I-can’t-do-and wished-I-could… (That time, he shot the whole film. threw it away and simply started all over). Yulin joined Woody’s Another Woman, as Gena Rowland’s brother/John Houseman’s son, in 1987.
  2. Jack Colvin, Child’s Play, 1988.  One of the unlucky 13 actors up for Dr Ardmore - double the total seen for the four other main roles in the tale of a doll inhabited by a serial killer’s soul. Other potential medics were Matt Clark, William Daniels, Henry Darrow, Richard Dysart, Art Evans, Clu Gulager, Bruce McGill, Donald Moffat, Dean Stockwell , Al Waxman - plus Charles Hallahan, John P Ryan and Harris Yulin from director Tom Holland’s previous release, Fatal Beauty.

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