Payday Loans
Nancy Kelly (1921-1995)


  1. Loretta Young, The Story of Alexander Graham Bell, 1938.  Kelly was sideswiped by Young as the wife of the man who invented the telephone. Or  by Young & Co.  She  brought  all her sisters with her: Sally Blane, Polly Ann Young, Georgina Young. To play her sisters.  What else? 
  2. Linda Darnell, Day-Time Wife, 1938. Loretta Young refused second  billing to the new Fox star, Tyrone Power. Poor Nancy never got close once to succeeding her once Head Fox Darryl F Zanuck set his eyes on Linda Darnell in  her  debut, Hotel For Women, 1938. The Dallas beauty was posing as 17 and called 19 on her contract.  So, Power had "wed" her at  age 14!   And DFZ almost ruined her  career when she rebuffed his moves on her. 
  3. Dorris Bowdon, Drums Along The Mohawk, 1939.   For his first colour movie, John Ford kept changing people. Four actors were dropped. Don Ameche, Warner Baxter, Linda Darnell…  and Nancy, older sister of Jack (Maverick) Kelly.
  4. Brenda Joyce, Little Tokyo USA, 1942.   Action! ! Quick, quick! Beforethe evacuation of American-Japanese faded from the front pages… On April 30,  John Shepperd and Nancy Kelly were announced. But it was Joyce (soon to be Tarzan’s Jane) and Preston Foster who completed the shoot on June 5 - and the B-movie opened  July 8. Forgotten by July 9. As LA’s Little Tokyo was emptied, the film was shot in  Chinatown. All Japanese were played by Chinese.

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