Payday Loans
Eric McCormack


  1. David Schwimmer, Friends, TV, 1994-2004.
    “I went out for Schwimmer’s role on Friends.  Years later I told [director James] Burrows the story, and he said, “Honey, you were wasting your time. They wrote the part for Schwimmer.” Leslie Siebert, David’s agent called: “Look, I know you told me not to send you anything, but there’s a show I really think you should take a look at. It’s by Marta and David, who - if you remember - had done that show Couples” [Schwimmer had auditioned for David Crane and Marta Kaufman’s pilot].  And I go, ‘Oh, yes. I remember loving the writing.’ And she said the magic words to me: ‘It’s an ensemble show. There’s no star. There are six people, all similar age.’ And I say, OKm I’ll read it, but I’m not going to do it.”

  2. Steve Carell, Get Smart, 2008.   A vast improvement on 1979’s Nude Bomb,the last movie about Maxwell Smart, the Clouseauesque spy for CONTROL v Russia’s CAOS.   Jim Carrey was attached ten years earlier. Will Ferrell changed his mind. The original  Smart, Don Adams,  who died in 2005, always intended McCormack to be  his successor. Watching Adams in the 1965-1970 TV series had turned the Canadian on to acting.


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