Payday Loans
Samuel Fuller (1912-1997)

1. - Lee Strasberg, The Godfather - Part II, 1974.

2. - Robert Stack, 1941, 1979. After seeing Fuller’s cameo in Dennis Hopper’s The Last Movie, 1970, Steven Spielberg asked Sam to play General Stillwell. “IMPOSSIBLE!” he growled in CAPITALS. “He’s A REAL GOD!” (Stack was the star of Fuller’s House of Bamboo, 1954).

3. - Shimon Finkel, Hanna K, Israel-France, 1983. An icon for Euro directors, Fuller had popped up in cameos for Claude Chabrol, Jean-Luc Godard and Wim Wenders. But he was not able top accept this invite from another Paris fan, Costa-Gavras.

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