Payday Loans
Christopher Mintz-Plasse

  1. Aaron Johnson, Kick-Ass, 2009.   Chris tested for Dave Lizewski, aka Kick-Ass, and won Chris D’Amico, aka Red Mist. aka So It Goes
  2. Matt Lucas,  Gnomeo and Juliet, 2010.  He’s already done Shakespeare  - First Graverigger in Kenneth Branagh‘s 1996 Hamlet, no less), so Billy Crystal was in the frame for Benny, Gnomeo’s best pal in this red v blue garden gnomes’ take on Shakespeare  (voiced by Patrick Stewart)  with, naturally, producer Elton John’s songbook  - like Benny and the Jets, of course. Also considered for Benny (aka Benvolio, of course) was  Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Billy would have improved upon such Bard jokes as houses numbered 2B and Not 2B and  some paste called… but you’re ahead of me…  The Taming of the Glue.

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