Payday Loans
Teresa Graves (1948-2002)


  1. Marsha Hunt, Vampira (US: Old Drac), 1974.   Also seen for Old David Niven’s countess, who suddenly turns black (and beautiful) after a faulty blood-transfusion in the (limp) UK comedy seen (by the US, only) as a (late) riposte to Mel Brooks, circa 1974. “If you liked Young Frankenstein, you’ll love…”  (Hardly!)
  2. Catherine Schell, Space:1999, TV, 1976-1978.   Teresa was the Halle Berry of her day... as Christie Love on film and TV series. US writer Frd Freiberger (credited as a more English-sounding Charles Woodgrove) wanted her for Maya, the Moonbaser Alpha science officr. Francesca Annis was also in the mix but creator-producer Gerry Anderson called back Schell, who had played a different alien in the first episode, Guardian of Piri.


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