Payday Loans
Eric Burdon

  1. The Yardbirds, Blow-Up, 1966.     New York’s (indeed, Andy Warhol’s) Velvet Underground band was the first choice of Italian maestro Michelanglo Antonioni for the Swinging London club scene.   Except he wanted a guitar-smashing climax as made famous by The Who’s Pete Townshend. But The Who refused their invite, as did Burdon, the Animals’ singer (who smashed nothing except himself). The In Crowd also passed. Well, one of their guitars made it - Steve Howe’s instrument was smashed by Jeff Beck of The Yardbirds in the rock sequence.
  2.  Paul Jones, Privilege, 1969.    Burdon's numerous claims include being seen for Shorter (right size!), the rock star being made a government tool in some  murky future fascist UK state. Motto: We All Must Conform.


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