Payday Loans

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Jesse Eisenberg


  1. John Francis Daley, Freaks And Geeks, TV, 1999-2000.    Jesse was second choice after Daley for Sam Weir in the fictional Chippewa, Michigan. In his future movies, producer Judd Apatow used many  people from the series, his way of  “refusing to accept that the show was canceled.”
  2. Michael Angarano, Ceremony, 2009.      When Eisenberg left for other deals, his best pal on-screen, Angarano, was  promoted to Sam - one of  two buddies crashing the wedding of the woman Sam still loved.     Reece Thompson took on  Angarano's original role of Marshall.
  3. Andrew Garfield, The Amazing Spider-Man, 2010.
  4. Jack Huston, Kill Your Darlings, 2012.    A delay caused by budget hassles, lost director John Krokidas his three stars.   When able to start over, he asked Huston to be the belligerent Jack Kerouac, Ben Foster became William S Burroughes and Daniel Radcliffe was a callow Allen Ginsburg - at Columbia U, circa 1944. 
  5. Ben Stiller, While We’re Young, 2014.     New York auteur Noah Baumbach’s tale of an uptight documentary-maker was in Jesse’s hands for while. Then, Ben caught it. 
  6. Jonah Hill,  Arms and the Dudes, 2015.   Long time in the planning and even then,  director Todd Phillip’s lost his 20-something stoner buddies involved in a $300m arms deal Actually, Warners had always wanted the hotter Hill but he was fully booked. Wartner has a way of solving such problems. 

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