Payday Loans
Lance Reddick



  1. Wendell Pierce, The Wire, TV, 2002-2008.     He tested for Bunk , based on real-life Baltimore County Police detective Oscar “Rick”/”The Bunk” Requer.    The real 'Bunk' also constantly chomped on a cigar.
  2. Andre Royo, The Wire, TV, 2002-2008.     After next auditioning as Reginald “Bubbles” Cousins based on a real Baltimore drug addict and police informant, Riddick won the boas, Lieutenant Cedric Danielsfor the full 60 episodes.
  3. Blair Underwood, Dirty Sexy Money, TV, 2007-2009.  The Oz find of the authoritarian stature (and voice) auditioned for Simon Elder.He joined Fringe as Agent Phillip Broyles, instead, 2008-11.
  4. Kirk Acevedo, Fringe, TV, 2008.    The Wire’s stately Reddick was due to read for the part of Charlie Francis when asked to try out for Phillip Broyles instead -a on the spot.
   The two agents, Reddick and Acevedo, were also seen together in the remarkably violent prison drama, Oz, TV, 2000-2001, as FBI agent and convict.





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