Payday Loans
Michael Muhney

  1. Ron Howard, Happy Days, TV, 1974-83.  Don lost Richie to Ron Howard, but the team came up with a new character of Ralph Malph for him - and he lasted 167 episodes, four less than Richie when  they both quit, er, “joined the army.”
  2. Zach Braff, Scrubs, TV,  2001-10. The Chicago actor tested for JD - twice - only to be told by the ABC Network president that he was perfect - “but not quirky enough -  too handsome to play a goofball.”  Enter: quirky Zach. For eight seasons. ABC wanted one more. That became Scrubs: Med School and never really graduated... while Muhney joined The Young and the Restless during 2009-2010.

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