Payday Loans
Mary Ure (1933-1975)

1. - Sylvia Syms, Victim, 1961.  Dirk Bogarde said Mary “was out of sympathy with the theme” of the breakthrough gay drama. She was fine, though, two years later for his sf piece, The Mind Benders, in  her tragically brief,  nine-film career.

2. - Angie Dickinson, Point Blank, 1967. For his Hollywood debut, UK director John Boorman wanted to bring a touch of Blighty with him. “She's too English,” said MGM.  Er, Scottish, corrected Boorman.

3. - Susan Hayward, The Revengers, 1971. The project was already plagued with difficulties when she quit... William Holden had jungle fever, producer Martin Rackin had a heart seizure, Van Heflin died of his heart attack. Mary preferred Broadway, Harold Pinter and Old Times as the vengeful Western became La Hayward’s final film and both womern died in 1975.


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