Payday Loans
Roberto Rossellini (1906-1977)

  1. Jean-Pierre Melville, A bout de soufflé, France, 1960.      The Italian director was French criticFrançois Truffaut's mentor and guest at his marriage to Madeleine Morgenstern and, therefore, first choice in Truffaut's script as the film-maker being interviewed by wannabe journalist Jean Seberg at the airport. Also in the sequence: with critic André Bazin, Truffaut's other mentor, "the most intelligentman I ever knew." Making his feature debut, Jean-Luc Godard considered using the Italian director Rossellini or exalted writer Louis-Ferdinand Celine. To please his (then) pal Godard, realisateur Melville played the interviewee as a writer named Parvulesco.


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