Payday Loans
Marjorie Rambeau (1889-1970)

  1. Pauline Frederrick, This Modern Age, 1931.   The veteraN character actress from Broadway fell ill - or “ill” -  and was subbed by Frederick in what the star, Joan Crawford,  called… Forget This Modern Age.
  2. Judith Anderson, Lady Scarface, 1941.  After taking lessons as Mrs Danvers, Anderson took over the female gangster hunted by Dennis O’Keefe’s cop from Rambeau.

  3. Katina Paxinou, For Whom The Bell Tolls, 1943. A triple Oscar-nominee, Marjorie lost in the clinches with such old-time contenders as Pola Negri, Flora Robson, Gloria Swanson.    

  4. Mary Philips,  Lady in the Dark, 1943.   Dreaming of re-uniting Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers after a five year break, Paramount bought the Broadway show for a then record $283,000 - won Ginger, lost Fred… and Rambeau as Maggie Grant. Philips was the  second of four Mrs Humphrey Bogarts.
  5. Edward G Robinson, The Ten Commandments, 1954.


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