Payday Loans
Roman Polanski

  1. Zygmunt Malanowicz, Nóz w wodzie/Knife in the Water, Poland, 1962.    Polanski also intended to star as the young hitchhiker in his   directing debut, until   Jerzy Bossak, head of the Polish film unit Kamera, said he was not attractive enough. Polanski did, though, dub the bass-voiced Malanowicz. The first Polish film nominated for a Foreign Language Oscar was banned in Poland! And Polanski never filmed in   Popland   again until The Pianist -   40 years later.   And this   he won the Oscar.
  2. Donald Pleasence, Cul-De-Sac, 1966.   Polish director Roman Polanski based his script on his marriage to actress Barbara Lass. He even wanted them to play themselves. Lass’ new lad did not agree with this idea and UK producer Michael Klinger did not want Polanksi doing double duties on his second English lingo film. The first, Repulsion, 1975, had starred Dorleac’s sister, Catherine Deneuve.
  3. Ronald Lacey, Raiders of the Lost Ark, 1981. 
  4. Cris Campion, Pirates, France, 1985.    When he couldn’t land Dustin Hoffman  as The Frog,  Roman Polanski thought of taking over the role, himself. He thought again and told French casting icon Dominque Besnehard:  “I want  someone with a frog’s head. But a beautiful frog.”  He was found in a  pop magazine  spread devoted to the group, Les Koeur’s (the French do not understand apostrophes). US backers loved his test and so Thierry Campion became Cris Campion. The film opened the 1986 Cannes festival and sank so badly it left its pirate boat in the harbour because no one could afford a crew to sail it away. Campion  was stuck mainly in TV for everafter. He wed French star Anny Duperey in 1993. 


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