Payday Loans
Angela Molina

  1. Véronica Forqué, ¿Qué he hecho yo para merecer esto!!/What Have I Done To Deserve This? Spain, 1984. The then bright, new Spanish director Pedro Almodovar offered the Cristal role, obviously, to Victoria Abril -  and Angela, "because I think she should do a comedy, an Andalusian comedy at that."  Yet he always wanted Forqué. And the more he was warned off her, the more he set out to track her down  -  on holiday in  India.
  2. Valerie Kaprisky, La Gitane, France, 1985. Or, Sanguine, when she was  due to be the gypsy girl opposite Patrick Dewaere.
  3. Francesca Neri, Las edades de Lula/The Ages of Lulu, 1990. Political consternation in Madrid when the top  Spanish star quit Bigas Luna's film because, said her husband,  of sex scenes of "tremendous  prurience."  Conservative  papers attacked the Socialist government for not merely allowing porno in Spain but subsidising it - Jorge Semprun's Culture Ministry had $450,000  in the Lula budget. A lesser known Madrid actress, Maribel Verdu,  rejected it as pornographic before  the fearless Italian girl filled in... boringly.  Storm in a D-cup!


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