Payday Loans
Yvette Mimieux

  1. Jean Seberg, Lilith, 1963.   Yvette discovered the JR Salamanca book and sent it to various directors,  including Robert Rossen. Unfortunately, her dream role was thwarted by  his lengthy decision-making  - and Warren Beatty advising him to see Seberg. “When,  after much dispute, many tests, decisions and counter-decisions, Rossen chose me, Yvette arranged for a large bouquet of lilies to reach him without any other comment.”
  2. Julie Christie, Doctor Zhivago, 1965.   Very Hollywood thinking - from MGM suit  Robert  Weitman - for Lara.    Well, Yvette ha a Metro contract. Also up for Lara Antipovaand her theme:  Jane Fonda (‘too American,” said director David Lean), Deborah Kerr (“too old”), Sophia Loren (‘too tall!”), and Jean Seberg (yes, ”too American”). Like all of us, Lean fell for Julie in Billy Liar, 1962 (which toplined his Pasha, Tom Courtenay) and John Ford praised her to him after making Young Cassidy with her the year before. For MGM.
  3. Katharine Ross, The Graduate, 1967.     
  4. Elke Sommer, The Venetian Affair, 1967.    Bondsmith Guy Hamilton was due to make MGM’s lightweight spy drama with Peter Fonda and Yvette. Instead, it became (an even lighter) Jerry Thorpe directing Robert Vaughn and Elke. No wonder Yvette quit acting to make her name in real estate and... anthropology.
  5. Linda Harrison, Planet of the Apes, 1967.


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