Payday Loans
Portland Mason (1948-2004)

  1. Sue Lyon, Lolita, 1962.     As if trying to adapt Vladimir  Nabokov’s once banned tale of a paedophile and a 12-year-old girl was  not difficult enough, Stanley Kubrick actually considered the extremely liberally raised daughter of the man chosen to lust after her as Humbert Humbert  - James Mason!
  2. Celia Kaye, The New Loretta Young Show, TV, 1962-1963.   At 13, Portland  was cast as Marnie  - one of Young’s seven children. She was   was sacked  before a shot was fired on  her first day for reasons that were later  disputed in court.  The Masons won the case. Not the role
  3. Tippy Walker, The World of Henry Orient, 1964.   Portland came this close to stalking celebrated pianist Peter Sellers.  She had ten screen roles during 1954-1968.


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