Payday Loans
Kate Mailer

  1. Molly Ringwald, King Lear, 1987. Due as Cordelia opposite her father’s Lear when the bilious Jean-Luc Goard started shooting in Switzerland in August 1986. Within a few days (almost hours), it was all off. Mailer hated Godard’s dialogue and wanted to write his own - when appearing as himself. He was not keen on Godard’s theory that Lear and Cordelia were and incestuous couple, either. He went back home to direct his own film, Tough Guys Don’t Dance - without even a compensatory role for poor Kate. Father and daughter did appear in Godard’s unholy mess (Godard detested it) as themelves. Burgess Meredith played Lear. Kate only ever made one other film, a TV mini-series and a short.



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