Payday Loans
Jock Mahoney (1919-1989)

1. - Lex Barker, Tarzan's Magic Fountain, 1949. Sally Fields' step-father was a top Hollywood stuntman - doubling Errol Flynn, Gregory Peck, John Wayne -  who became part of jungle lore.  Jock lost out to Barker in succeeding the great Johnny Weissmuller. By 1960, Jock was so impressive as the villain opposite Gordon Scott's Tarzan The Magnificent  that producer Sy Weintraub  asked Jock to succeed  Scott as the 11th ape-man in  Tarzan Goes To India, 1962. Jock was so ill with  dengue fever, dysentery and pneumonia during Tarzan's Three Challenges,  1963, that he was  he  was  the thinnest loin-cloth star since Herman Brix in the 1930s.


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