Payday Loans
Jon Lovitz

  1. Joe Pesci, Home Alone, 1990.    It was so patently obvious that the kid of the hour - Macauley Culkin - was going to steal everything but the cinema seats that most of The Names avoided the burglar clown called Harry Lime, more of a fourth Stooge than Orson Welles. Those refusing to be second banana to a moppet included Rowan Atkinson, Robert De Niro, Danny De Vito, Bob Hoskins, Christopher Lloyd, Jon Lovitz and two musical Brits: Phil Collins and Dudley Moore
  2. Martin Lawrence, Bad Boys, 1994.      With their first Disney project ready to go in Miami in February 1993, producers Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer suddenly called off  their $20m teaming of Lovitz and  Dana Carvey - on a pay-or-play deal - and kick-started the cop-art a year later with black stars.  "Not my fault," said Lovitz. "I passed up two other movies to do Bad Boys.  It was a big mess.  I'll never go pay-or-play again." Or not  for only $750,000.


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