Payday Loans
Jayne Kennedy

  1. Halle Berry, Introducing Dorothy Dandridge, TV, 1999.    The sportscaster-turned-actress (and first sex-tape star - with husband, Isaac) was also the first trying to make a Dorothy biopic (The Dorothy Dandridge Story: Everything & Nothing) in 1981. Jayne was among the many black actresses and singers (Jasmine Guy, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson,Vanessa Williams) who cited Dorothy’s influence on them - and wanted to film her life.  Berry beat them, all to the rights of the bio by Dandridge manager Earl Mills.  In 1955, Dorothy was the first black woman nominated for a Best Actress Oscar.  In 2002, Halle went one better than her idol, becoming the first black Best Actress Oscar-winner… on March 24.  And she dedicated the moment to Dorothy, Lena Horne and  Diahann Carroll.



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