Payday Loans
Mario Adorf

  1. Horst Buchholz, One, Two, Three, 1961. “A completely different casting idea,” said my German movie expert, Gerhard Midding.  “One can well imagine Adorf as the stern young Communist but not really see him falling for Pamela Tiffin and being made over by James Cagney. The film had a strange history,  of course, a film maudit in the Wilder catalogue, never included in rertospectives, etcThen, it was  re-released in  Germany in the 80s and became a huge hit ” Adorf reported for duty in Wilder’s penultimate film, Fedora -16 years later.
  2. Emilio Fernández, The Wild Bunch, 1968.
  3. Lenny Montana, The Godfather, 1971. 
  4. Paul Hittscher, Fitzcarraldo, 1982.    Once filming re-started after Jason Robards' illness,  Swiss star decided to quit.  He was, after all, Germany's busiest star - 188 screen roles  in  54 years.


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