Payday Loans
Joey Heatherton


  1. Sue Lyon, Lolita, 1960
    Before falling for Sue Lyon - or her breasts, very large from age 13 - director Stanley Kubrick supposedly saw 800 nymphets...  Sandra Dee, 15 (Mom said no); Jill Haworth, 15 (No said Mom and Otto Preminger,  who had her under contract); Joey Heatherton, 16 (Dad said no); Jenny Maxwell, 19 (Elvis spanked her in Blue Hawaii;  the next year); and Tuesday Weld, 17. Three  others lived the role… Beverly Aadland, at 15 was the lover of Errol Flynn at  50!  - “we’d be perfect for the film!” Germany’s Christine Kaufman, 15 at the time, wed the 20-year-older Tony Curtis at 18. And Walt Disney's UK moppet,  Hayley Mills, 14, was sorry to miss the film (on Dad and  Disney’s orders); eleven years later she married her often director, Roy Boulting… 33 years her senior. Author Vladimir Nabokov vetoed Brigitte Bardot, far from his ”creature”; he’d obviously  never seen her at a youthful 26, opposite veteran Jean Gabin. twice her age in En cas de malheur/Love Is My Profession. 1957. (James Mason was the same age, 53, in Lolita). Instead, Nabokov voted for Louis Malle’s Zazie dans le métro, 1960, Catherine Demongeot… aged ten!  (In 1977, Malle made his own under-age sex study, Pretty Baby - Brooke Shields at 12…the age of  the book’s “Lo. Leer. Ta.“). As for Sue Lyon…  “My destruction as a person dates from that movie,” she declared in 1996.  “Lolita exposed me to temptations no girl of that age should undergo. I defy any pretty girl who is rocketed to stardom at 14 in a sex nymphet role to stay on a level path thereafter.“  She suffered decades of mental instability, five marriages and abandoned a child - though less to do with the actual film than  with Kubrick’s  producer, James B Harris (32),  making her his mistress at age 14.

  2. Goldie Hawn, Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In, TV, 1967-70. Many tested, few passed as what became known as The Sock It To Me Girl in Dan Rowan and Dick Martin’s rapid fire comedy show.
  3. Ewa Aulin, Candy, 1968.
  4. Valerie Perrine, Lenny, 1974. Sudden change of Bob Fosse heart did not help as the Joey style, all hot pants, boots and dancing, fell out of fashion and into cocaine.




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