Payday Loans
Vincent Gallo

  1. Steve Buscemi, Reservoir Dogs, 1991.
  2. Mark Wahlberg, Boogie Nights, 1997.   Director Paul Thomas Anderson’s exploration of the 70s porno biz as a family unit  (Burt Reynolds’ film-maker and Julianne Moore’s porno star being “the parents”) needed a stud called Dirk Diggler, loosely based on hungalike John C Holmes. Ben Affleck, Christian Bale, Matt Damon (!), Ethan Hawke, Jason Lee and Joachim Phoenix  refused. Idem for, of all people, Vincent Gallo, seen in  a hard-core fellatio scene in his Brown Bunnymovie in 2002. First choice was Leonardo DiCaprio. He loved the script but had a ticket for  the Titanicand told PTA: “You should get Mark”... who kept his prosthetic penis. Gallo plainly didn’t need  one.
  3. Balthazar Getty, Feast, 2005.   New horror director John Gulager wanted Gallo and Sylvester’s son, Sage Stallone, as siblings.The Weinsteins did not. Gallo never read it because as he claimed at Cannes, 2003, “I’ve never read a script in my life.  Never read Buffalo 66.  Never read The BrownBunny  [and he’d written them!]. Just can’t read those things. Acted in 35 films and never read a script. The written word is very inefficient to me. I don’t respond to it.  But I can listen for hours and hours and hours if you tell me the script - that’s how I communicate.” 
  4. Liam Riccardo, Giallo, Italy-Spain-UK-US, 2008.     Gallo as  Giallo…!  That was the plan for the serial killer until his ex-lover, Asia Argento was also cast - hardly surprising as the Z  (not B) movie was helmed by her daddy Dario. (She proved pregnant and was replaced by Emmanuelle Seigner).  Giallo is Italian for yellow and refers to the jackets of horror-thriller books (like the French have Serie Noir for cop thrillers) and, indeed, for the films of Argento (Tenebre, Opera, etc). This time his torture-porn  was way off, making the worst of Jess Franco look good. 
  5. Sebastian Blomberg, The Countess, France-Germany, 2009.   First set as Dominic Vizakna in the French actress-auteur Julie Delpy’s film (and role) about Elizabeth (Erzsebet) Bathory, in the 26th look at the 17th Century countess and most infamous serial killer who felt she would gaineternal youth and beauty by bathing in the blood of virgins - totalling 650 at last count. 


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