Payday Loans
Adele Astaire (1898-1981)

  1. June Knight, Break The News, 1938.  Wed to Lord Charles Cavendish, Adele was starring opposite Jack Buchanan and Maurice Chevalier when, mid-way through, she fled the UK comedy. (She made just the one film, a 1931 Vitagraph  short, with her sibling).
  2. Audrey Hepburn, Funny Face, 1957.  Adele and Fred starred in the Broadway show in  1927 -  and Paramount then considered them for the film. It was  unmade for 30 years until Fred was coaxed out of semi-retirement by producer Roger Edens.  “You've got to do my story -  Audrey Hepburn likes the story  and will do it if we can you.”  Said Fred: “What do you mean if?  I'm already ready. Audrey Hepburn - that's the dream of my life.”


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