Payday Loans
Vera Farmiga

  1. Kate Winslet, Little Children, 2005.    Kate grabbed the disgraced ex-cop and immediately suggested Patrick Wilson for  her fantasy lover. Much of the film is brilliant - yet remains unknown due to director Todd Field covering adultery, murder, mutiliation, pedophilia and  porn.
  2. Eva Green, Casino Royale, 2006.
  3. Michelle Monaghan, Machine-Gun Preacher, 2010.    Pregnant.  Michelle took over as the wife of Gerard Butler’s real-life  Sam Childers, a dealer who found God and aided  Sudanese children forced into being soldiers.
  4. Andrea Riseborough, W.E., 2010.  The role was  Mrs Wallis Simpson, the US divorcee who pulled King Edward VIII off the British  throne. The director  (and financier) was Madonna. The result was as expected. Farmiga was chosen - and chose to leave. Wise gal. Madonna also lost two more selections  (Ewan McGregor and Margo Stilley) and her casting director! All suffering, you know… creative differences. The movie was often hilarious. Unintentionally, it is supposed.

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